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Simplified Issue Final Expense Plans Are Now Available Up To $50,000
* No Exam,  ** No Health Questions, *** Guaranteed Issue Plans!

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Final Expense plans provide a permanent whole life program with benefits ranging from $3,000 to $50,000 dollars - There is NO Exam, and with some plans No Health Questions - True Guaranteed Issue!

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These plans help pay for funeral expense, probate an other costs associated with settling your estate. Find out today "what is" the
low cost of being prepared for tomorrow.


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Final Expense Plans are designed to help the family with the extra funds to cover funeral Costs, Probate Expense, Unpaid Medical Expenses, along with any other bills associated with the settling of one's estate.  Although these policies will provide the funds, preparing the legal paperwork should be the task of your personal estate planning attorney.  For details about the most cost efficient Final Expense plans, complete the form above.

* Very Low Cost Permanent Life Insurance Plans may require a para-medical exam
** Simplified Issue Plans Require No Paramedical Exam, just a review of current and previous physician prescribed medications.
*** Guaranteed Issue Plans Have No Health Questions and will Issue with immediate benefits for accidental death in the first 24 months, and coverage for all reasons after the first 24 months based on policy provisions.